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"How do i draw girls that are stonk but also cute? - Chronicle of a man who tried and failed" 

That’s the name of a book i’m working on


I’ve been re-watching Orange is the New Black season 2 and channeling my Poussey Washington feelings into sketches. 

I was gonna make an iron horde joke.

i would have been impressed as i can’t even begin to think of one. iron horde is hard to stomach? idk.

i was gonna complain about my iron pills making my stomach hurt but then i remember i was told not to take them on an empty stomach and that’s all i’ve been doing. i’m the dummy. it’s me.

OUT FOR BLOOD: A creepy/cute Halloween playlist turning more instrumental and classical as it reaches the end. Most importantly does not include any version of This Is Halloween. 


Hey! I made a spooky ghost for you guys! 

It’s transparent!



OH MAN I WAITED SO LONG AND IT WAS SOOO WORTH IT If you had any concerns about whether to see it or not, DO IT. You’ll be a richer person having done so

La Muerte tho, my perfect goddess, I am not worthy omfg she’s the best character in anything ever, I mean I love everything about this movie but oh my god. I hope Legacy comes out with a figurine, I don’t care how much it is, I have to have it. 

like 3 of my characters are based off of pics of goats i saw once wtf